HVAC system,AHU, FCU,FAHU cleaning

HVAC Cleaning Dubai / Air Duct Cleaning in Dubai / AC Duct Cleaning in dubai & Disinfection is very important in our daily lives. the question of indoor air quality is of paramount importance to our health. Within the UAE, the outside air is hot and humid so we spend most of our time indoors. It is the responsibility of business owners, building owners and landlords to ensure that the indoor air quality be kept at a very high standard.

With high levels of dust and debris within HVAC systems, usually from the time of construction, there are high chances that Building Related Illness (BRI) and Sick Building Syndrome (SBI) will affect occupants.

RJK Group are the only European managed, HVAC cleaning company that hold international NADCA, TR19, IAQA and NFPA certification for the assessment of cleanliness and remediation of HVAC systems (NADCA certification) for both site management who are NADCA ASCS and VMR certified and site technicians who are NADCA VMT certified.

How dirty are your air ducts? A professional HVAC inspection can answer these questions for you. Fresh Air Solutions utilizes digital cameras, robotic and snake cameras that allow our technicians to capture images in still photo format or video format on a 2 GB SD card or burned on a DVD.


The Wohler VIS 340 video snake camera is a revolution in visual inspection technology. The camera head can pan 360 degree and tilt 180 degree. It is capable of inspections up to 100 feet in length. It has digital distance measurement and can work through 45 and 90 degree bends. The LED lighting of the camera gives clear pictures even in dark 

Air Ducts are ideal breeding grounds for dust, dust mites, bacteria, fungi and thousands of other microorganisms. These contaminants are blasted into the indoor environment every time the A/C system is running – which is over 95% of the time in the summer months. This indoor air pollution leads to sinus problems, respiratory difficulties and intense allergies.

Clean air ducts run more efficiently, saving money on electricity and extending the life of the equipment. 20% of illnesses are caused by or aggravated by polluted indoor air and there is a direct relationship between allergy suffering and fungi and bacteria in the A/C system.

RJK group we clean A/C ducts to stringent NADCA standards, using internationally recognized procedures and standards. Our highly trained staff is quick, thorough and enables daily life to carry on with a minimum of interruption while the work is done. We treat the entire system with Pantene, our EPA registered long-lasting anti-microbial surface protection to prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria and fungi.

Method of Work :

The entire HVAC systems will be cleaned inclusive of Grilles and diffusers, Clean all supply air ducts, return air ducts, dampers, turning vanes, constant volume boxes and Risers. If not accessible, the linear diffusers may be cleaned in-site.

Each AC system will be isolated and cleaned in an agreed sequence with your engineering staff.

HEPA Filtered dust collection units are used to remove all contaminants.

Health and  Safety. All staff is trained to health safety standards and great care is taken to prevent accidents to our staff or the general public. All dust and debris will be bagged sealed and placed in your waste skips.

General Method of cleaning involves Source removal using a variety of tools to agitate the dust and use the HEPA filtered collection device to ensure full removal of contaminant.

Verification of cleaning is carried out visually using a robotic video camera inside the ducts and a copy of the video may be supplied as part of the final report. The video report will be supplement with an After Service Report along with a Cleaning certificate for each system photographs before and after cleaning.

Any pre exiting damage such as insulation will be reported to your engineering staff for his further action as we are not responsible.

Choosing RJK Group to inspect or clean your HVAC system you are guaranteeing that :

  • Your indoor air quality will be improved.
  • A NADCA qualified professional will clean your HVAC system.
  • A better level of service will be given to you .
  • Once the project has been completed, you will receive complete works reports that will help to educate you in how to maintain good air quality .