Laundry chute cleaning

In order to understand the specifics of Chute Cleaning, it is helpful to know the components of a chute. First of all, there are four distinct areas:
  • The Bottom section – Where the chute empties into a compactor or dumpster.
  • The Middle Section – Where the chutes are accessed by Hopper Doors.
  • The Roof Section – Where the chute exits a building through the roof.
  • The Wall, or the Chase – This section surrounds the chute.

Each of these sections is governed by the Fire Code, and has should be cleaned and inspected on a regular schedule to assure compliance and safety

The process starts with an inspection at every level, to ensure that all mechanical elements are properly functioning and up to code.

Once the inspection is complete, the cleaning can begin. Working our way from the top down, a chemical wash is deployed with our patented Chute Blaster Cleaning system. This custom designed machine utilizes a spray wheel to dispense cleansing and deodorizing agents, and a high-temperature sanitizing pressure wash.

Doors, hinges and details are steam cleaned by hand, and your buildings chutes are left clean and sanitized.