Water tank cleaning & Disinfecting

When we use water to drink, wash and cook, it is essential then that we store it in a clean and healthy environment. Irregular cleaning and disinfecting of tanks could lead to the growth of harmful bacteria that are the cause of several diseases. RJK group’s specialist cleaning services adhere to all local and international standards and will provide you with a risk assessment along with recommendations and actions to keep your building within the health and safety guidelines.
Water Tank Cleaning Process :
  1. The tanks will be cleaned and disinfected as per Municipality standards and guidelines using appropriate environmental friendly chemicals approved by Municipality. The water tanks will be cleaned and disinfected by spraying chemicals on the inner surface of the tanks. Stains, sediment
  2. And mould will be removed with the help of brushes. The tanks will then be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water and checked for pH neutral before allowing them for refilling.
  3. Upon completion of work we will issue you a Cleaning Certificate and an After Service Report which may carry photographs before and after which will highlight any problem areas and advice of
  4. Any  defects  requiring  attention. (Report is normally ready in approximately 10 working days). The Certificate for the cleaning & disinfecting of the water tanks is valid for 6 months.