Our standards

Policy Statement

The purpose of these policies and procedures is to provide a framework in which all company departments and all company projects may respect and find orientation in the company daily work. These policies do not replace the laws and regulations, but are intended only as a guide and interpretation of the laws and regulations. These policies remain in effect until the company management finds necessary that they should be modified, removed, or new policies added.

RJK expects from all employees to accomplish their work in a professional and business like manner

Managing Construction Sites

Construction projects constitute challenging management tasks. In order to manage construction projects, project managers require accurate and timely progress information in order to be able to respond to problems and delays in the construction process.

In construction world Management is defined as :

  • Planning the Work,
  • Organizing People and Processes around the Work Plan,
  • Monitoring Behaviors and Results.

All our construction managers perform the above three functions daily. Planning, Organizing and Monitoring well is what all good managers do. The great ones motivate people consistently. That is leadership directly on point. We conclude everyone who has subordinates in construction is a Leader – Manager.

They must lead, but at the same time, must perform specific managerial activities. It is part of their responsibility. Managing for profit is not a military style of leadership. It is different. In our contracting business, all our employees rely on their compensation and benefit package for their future

Safety: Our Main Concern

Safety is the constant concern of RJK Building Contracting LLC. Every precaution has been taken to Provide a safe workplace. Our safety officers make regular inspections and holds regular safety meetings. They also meet with management to plan and implement further improvements in our safety program. Common sense and personal interest in safety are still the greatest guarantees of labor safety at work, on the road and at home. We take safety seriously and any willful of habitual violation of safety rules will be considered cause for dismissal. The cooperation of every employee is necessary to make our company remarkable safe place to work

Quality Control

Today, bases for competition no longer just focus on cost, but on other key success factors such as quality, flexibility, service and innovation.

Quality Control is a set of procedures intended to ensure that the construction process is sufficiently high quality. Of course the quality criteria should meet the requirements of the owner at any stage of the construction process.

So, at the end we can say that Quality control in the construction industry may be seen as following:

  • To deliver a building which satisfies the owner
  • To deliver a building where quality and time are related to the price.