Building your own private villa in RJK is easier than you might think. We have been constructing private villas through our own construction company, RJK GROUP We offer you a home of the highest quality – ready for you to move in to.

If you have a dream of having your own private villa, the first step will be to find the right plot. RJK offers many very attractive plots for private villas.


Firstly we offer many pre-designed houses with detailed drawings which you can choose from our catalogue. We can build this house for you either on one of our plots of land or on your own plot of land.

Alternatively you can choose to have your dream house designed according to your own specifications. Again, this can be built on one of our plots or on your own plot of land. In this case a meeting will be arranged between you and the architect. Your ideal home can be designed based upon your particular preferences regarding location, architecture, standards and price.

Once you have decided on your house, RJK GROUP will prepare the Construction Contract, with a fixed price for your house, ready for you to put the key in the door. We will handle all the legal requirements relating to completion of the house.

We can also assist you with financial issues relating to your home.